Cognitive Resilience Center

Coming Soon

Basileia’s Cognitive Resilience Center (BCRC) is committed to becoming stronger together.

We are currently raising funds to onboard licensed professionals who are therapists and counselors to build out our cognitive resilience center. Basileia’s Cognitive Resilience Center will partner with individuals who need a safe space.


Starting and growing a business can be an exhausting journey. We understand. The emotional toll doesn’t have to be carried alone. Coming soon…

Business Leaders

Leaders have to navigate between different power and social dynamics. Reporting to people in higher positions while managing teams. The cognitive and emotional responses can be managed with tools that are backed by research. We’ll be glad to help. Coming soon…

Family & Marriage

Marriage and raising a family have so many moving parts. Trying to lead in business, figure out how to balance day to day activities, and stay focused is not easy. We’d like to support. Coming soon…

Ministry Leaders

Helping and serving at your congregation is honorable, and rewarding. A church cannot run with out its members and leaders. For the moments you feel tested, we’d like to be there. Coming soon…

Let’s become stronger together.

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